SBEA has many committees that help inform our membership about current issues happening in our local association, as well as the larger educational movements that are affecting public education.

Legislative Action/Associations Committee (NEA, NJEA, MCEA, SBEA)
: Paige Rimmer,
Co-Chair: Matthew Kostovny,
Informs our membership about current issues happening in the legislature that affect us directly. Learn more. Attends county, state and national events to keep our membership informed of news, events & association business.

Health and Safety Committee
: Kristen Konowicz,
The committee’s purpose will be to create a process for document the numerous building concerns across the district in a more organized and efficient way.

Membership Committee
Elementary School: Marcia Walker,
Middle School: Tina Ezzo,
High School: Collin Rossi,
Works together with Building Reps to inform & engage all members of the benefits & privileges of membership, as well as coordinates with Head Reps, Payroll, Human Resources & the NJEA Membership Department to keep an accurate record of our active membership.

Negotiations Team
Chair: Chris Hines,
High School: Steve Dentler, Annette Galaro, Jeff Johnson, Marc Lifland
Middle School: Susan Berkey, Paula Lamprecht, Dennis Duncan
Elementary: Kristen Konowicz, Marcia Walker, Jen Plebani
NJEA: Tom Hayden Works on behalf of the association to settle a new contract with the SBBOE. Learn more.

PRIDE Committee
: Jill Czyzyk,

Assistant Chair: Marcia Walker
Works to create a strong relationship between the SBEA and the South Brunswick community.

Christine McMahon
Kristine Rosa
Jennifer Leach
Tina Ezzo

PR & R Committee
: Kristen Konowicz,
Co-Chair: Collin Boucher,
Co-Chair: Jeff Johnson,
Informs and supports members with questions/concerns about the contract, e.g., duties, pupil contact time, evaluations, etc.

Scholarship Committee
Chair: Annette Galaro, and Monique Liguori Informs members with information regarding our SBEA Scholarship Program. The committee awards multiple scholarships each year: The Joyce Sherman Memorial Scholarship, The Children of Membership, and SBEA Scholarships. Learn more.

Note: Please do not share Annette’s home email address with our students. Please contact Annette directly with student inquiries.

Special Committee on Elections
: Diane Gavin,
The Election Committee communicates the purpose for an election, solicit nominations, and maintains the election process as set forth in Article 11 in the SBEA By-laws. Should the need arise for an election, the Election Committee members shall conduct the process.

Social Media, Website, Email & Communications
Chair: Norm Chow,
Communicates news, events & association business with our members and the school community.


NOTE: Please contact our team using YOUR HOME email address only!